What Is The Importance Of VPS Server?

Vps Server Importance

The VPS Server is a server serving service That is divided. The main server into a small group of servers. They are called the VPS, and each VPS of them Sharing the capabilities of the server, that is Every VPS takes part of the server’s capabilities. Meaning it takes part of the memory, the disk, the processor and so on. Thus, here the picture shows This is so, if we assume This is the whole VPS server or it is the main server It will be divided into a group of small virtual servers like this and each virtual server of these can carry. A special copy of OS, like a special server inside The Main Server The second point: how to make any server that can provide Virtual server service. This is done by installing any applications Of virtual servers that we will see shortly. Third point: What are the most famous application providers Of Virtual servers service? For Windows: there are the popular Hyper-V program For Microsoft company and as for Linux: There are Xen Server and VirtualBox And others And now practical: And we will explain in it first: how to make the installation Of the VPS server, we will choose here VirtualBox, Second: We will create a virtual server and we will adjust Its settings on the VirtualBox, the first point: Installing the VPS server  on Windows Server 2008 R2, first: You will open the web browser on your server machine that you’ve.

Then open the Google search engine and write: “download VirtualBox” Then click on the first link in the results “Downloads Oracle VM VirtualBox “and then come on the last Release of the program as it is here. Which is VirtualBox 5.2.6 and then download it according to The type of operating system on your server Since we have our server on Windows system for it. We will click on Windows Hosts and the download will appear with us As in the picture here, and after downloading the program with you. We will install it, we will press it with the right mouse button and then we will choose to run as Administrator, now we will click on “Next” This is the installation path you have on the server on C On Program Files and then Oracle folder. It will be inside the VirtualBox folder, if you want to change the path This, you change it from Browse here, or you can leave it as it is Then click Next. You will leave these settings as they are and then click Next This tells you that the program is changing the settings of your network It can temporarily separate you, Then press  to complete We will press Install. Now we will press Install again to install the network cards For the program. This is the last step in installing the program. Click Finish.


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