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Did you know that AIT has been offering VPS or virtual private servers since 1996? Yep, that’s a long time and because we’ve been doing it so long, we know the ins and outs of providing the best VPS platform in the market today. In general a VPS plan provides a different set of resources that can be increased or decreased very easily, without major impact to your service. This gives you the ability scale quickly to handle increased demand. The resources are typically CPU or processor ram and disk space. Typically, VPS platforms are great for when a website has outgrown their shared web hosting resources and it gives you greater flexibility with the technology solutions available, including root level administrative access. VPS plans are also considered less expensive than dedicated server offerings And it doesn’t require you to maintain the hardware itself.

With a VPS solution your virtual server is provisioned in minutes and gives you better resources allocation and greater control over infrastructure. You also get guaranteed resources and on-demand computing. Let’s breakdown the types of resources used with AIT’s VPS platforms. For CPUs, we use dual Intel Xeon E5-2940 processors which are 8 core. For disk drives, AIT uses SSD or solid state disks. The benefits of SSD over SATA or SAS are shown in this diagram It’s all about how fast the data can be written to the disk or read from the disk and with the SSD performance, there is no better options for disk drives. With AIT’s VPS plans we aim to provide the best VPS with flexibility, simplicity reliability, scalability and security, backed by AIT’s 24×7 support. AIT’s plans include fully managed options with AIT’s award-winning control panel, SMT 6, along with other control panels such as cPanel.

Create FTP User On Godaddy VPS

What are you to do is you to come back to your dashboard page of your virtual private server and then go to cpanel here and then click on cpanel. It will open in a new window now here you can see you have a link called FTP account. You can click on FTP account and then you can make a account FTP account like for example we can make and you can give a password for it and this is your directory where your files will be coming so you can choose and as per your liking if you want quota or not, you can click on then create FTP account so as you can see your account is actually created and the directory where the files will be coming would be here alright will be here actually now we can go to filezilla to check whether it is working or not. We can put our public IP address here and now FTP account here which is and the password that we gave that time and the port is 21 and then click on Quick Connect click on ok. As you can see it is now logged in this is your remote site and this is your local site. You can transfer anything you want from here to here so this is the way we can create FTP users in your virtual private server and then actually transfer the files from local to remote site.


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