Digitalocean Vs Vultr Cloud VPS Hosting

Vultr Cloud

Well as we know, Vultr and DigitalOcean are cloud hosting service that you might spend only $5 so that you can access a full control VPS service. Let’s me show you here, when we compare about two hosting, we compare about the price and quality. So, I installed the WordPress blog on DigitalOcean and Vultr and then we’re going to check the performance together and, you will evaluation these both hosting by yourself. , it’s a little bit hot over here because … I worked under 1000 watts’ lights maybe. Maybe 1000 watts of lighting so I’m so hot right now. ! So, let’s check the price as you can see here. … with the Vultr, you start with $2.5 so that you can have 512M VPS hosting. But if you are a WordPress blogger, you might want to choose this one. You will start with 1 Gigabyte RAM and it starts with $5 and, but I recommend you $10 package and, you can come with 2 Gigabyte RAM and a, a 2000 gigabyte WidthBand.

Sorry, not WidthBand. Bandwidth or Data Transfer and ! Let’s take a look to DigitalOcean and as you can see here, DigitalOcean starts with $5. It’s 100% more expensive than Vultr, but if you are a WordPress blogger, you might need to start with a Gigabyte RAM. So it’s the requirement… how can I say? It’s the minimum requirement for host your WordPress blog so you might need to go with $10 package. However, please look at here. If you go with $10 package, you will get 2 Gigabytes RAM on Vultr. But you only a gigabyte RAM on DigitalOcean and . For the storage space, you will get 30 gigabytes disk storage, but you get only here. , I see it. You will get a 40 gigabytes on Vultr and however, you less WidthBand. Sorry, I… I always pronounced WidthBand, but actually, it’s Bandwidth or Data transfer. . So, you’ll get 2 gigabytes of BandWidth. So, on the Valtr is a considerable price and however, please look at the performance of… of that two different servers. Because when… when we considered a cheap price, we might consider about… What can I say about the quality as well. Sometimes, it provides the low quality. So, I will use hum GtMetrix the performance of that sites. Please wait a title bit, I’m loading. , here. It’s coming. Now I will start Vultr as you can see, I installed a Server on Vultr and I installed a $5 package with 1 gigabyte RAM and let me check it on GtMetrix. , let’s go. Please wait a little bit for GtMetrix fletching data. Come on here it came.

This is a new fresh installed blog and I do nothing at all. I just install it then we check the performance. As you can see, we have 0.9s loading speed or… How can I say? 900 milliseconds loading speed. I will compare it with DigitalOcean server and I will copy the new ip address and please wait a little bit. It’s loading low over. . I just copy it here and as you can see, I have a server with 1 gigabyte RAM on DigitalOcean so I will test the performance and compare it. You know? … sometimes, we need to choose the best for our money so that we need to choose a high performance with good price. A good considerable price that is the reason why I try spent some money for show what is the best service for host your blog. ! Now it’s coming and as you can see here, the grade speed. DigitalOcean have the better performance, the better optimize. But… however, you can see here, the loading speed is a little bit slower than Vultr.


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