How to focus On Business With VPS?

Business focus

ACSEO is a web agency that was created in 2009 and today has 12 employees. Our work involves consulting services and project development, and for this we develop web applications, which can be business applications, intranet, extranet, or e-commerce websites, based on open-source technologies: Java or PHP. We therefore use tools such as Drupal, Liferay, and the Symfony 2 framework. Our clients range from large companies from the CAC 40, such as TF1, to startups, like RendezvousCheznous. You don’t always host the projects you develop. Do you order OVH services systematically? We use OVH services for our entire internal infrastructure. When it comes to hosting for our clients, we recommend the different ranges of OVH services, from domain names to web hosting. We also recommend OVH servers, be it Dedicated Servers or VPS. I was just about to ask, do you mainly use VPS (virtual private servers) to host your projects?

Depending on the needs of our clients, we estimate the size of server necessary to identify the power and disk space that will be required and we often recommend a range of VPS servers. What do you like in particular about these VPS? One on hand, they can be used for development, staging, or production environments and, of course, they are reliable. Lastly, they allow you to scale up a hosting infrastructure so you can ramp up power or adjust a feature of your server. Do you also use OVH services to host your internal tools? Development and making our projects available to everyone in real time are at the heart of our business, and to achieve this we use tools, such as Redmine and Gitlab, which are hosted on the OVH infrastructures. You work pretty much exclusively with OVH. Why? On a personal level, I’ve been working with OVH for over 10 years. We’ve always been happy with the services and how reliable they are. We believe that web hosting should be in the hands of experts in that field, and we rely on a high-quality service provider that we can recommend to our clients. The idea being that you can focus on your job, which is development.

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A Virtual Private Server VPS works as a standalone computer system with its own resources and bandwidth. Access your VPS securely from any PC computer anywhere in the world, and easily manage your automated trading system with security and stability. How does Forex VPS help Forex Traders? VPS trading environments provide the answer to common Forex trading problems. Location and high-speed technology are 2 of the key elements to successful automated forex trading, so the distance between you and your broker can directly impact the performance of your trading system. With a VPS you can: Increase your execution speed. Eliminate missed trading opportunities Reduce the distance from the live trading server and improve your latency A VPS will also eliminate any concerns with: Unstable internet connection. Computer crashes Running your computer 24 hours a day Unintentional interruptions Limited accessibility.


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