How To Migrate WordPress Site To A Cloud VPS Server?


You need to do the initial server setup such as setup user privileges, and you need to run sudo command in order to grant the administration permissions. Also, you need to complete the LEMP stack installation-Linux, nginx ph.. no mysql and php. So, we will myself for word press database and php to run wordpress. Something like that and finally, you need to install phpmyadmin because I will use phpmyadmin to import the database to the new server so I hope complete these 3 prerequisite tutorials and if you don’t know how to do that, I’ve leave the links of the tutorials down there so feel free to find the tutorials and follow it.  . So now lets start it. As you can see here, I have a server deploy on… using Ubuntu server. I use Ubuntu 17, but this tutorial would be working very well with the older version such as version 16. So no worry if you come with version 16. Also, I’ve point that server to this domain so we will migrate from basicblogtalk to a new domain. . We will migrate and change the domain address so you will how to change domain name of your website as well. Before you migrate to the new server, there are 2 files that you need in this tutorial. First is the wp-content files of your WordPress which contain your wordpress, your plugins, and your uploaded files and then, you need the export file of mysql-the database of your WordPress site and to get these 2 files, you need to login in your hosting account.

In my case is hostgator so I will login it. . I just show you the process of how I get that file. So. I just login my hosting account. Just hit login well. Even the hostgator cloud has the slower loading speed than Vultr cloud vps, that hosting is not a bad hosting. I come with Hostgator for 2 years. Actually, I never has problem with this hosting. As I remember, I have one thing that I disappointed with hostgator is when I tried to enable memcached on my server. I contact to the customer support and asked them to activate memcached for me. They sent me the site and I’ve no idea why they did that, but that consider a terrible customer support. You know? Every hosting has the advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, when we contacted to the customer support that has low knowledge of technical support, you will face that problem. For example, Bluehost, every time ask the customer support, they will to point the dns to their server because… you know? Sometimes, we integrate our server with cloudflare so we need to point to cloudflare server, but when you contacted to Bluehost, they will ask to point back to their server.

That’s the problem of Bluehost. Every hosting own advantage and disadvantage. I’m not mean that Hostgator is a bad hosting. Actually, it’s considered a good hosting in my opinion. . I will click on hosting panel. The different hosting account has different UI–has the different looks. Maybe my hosting account has different look to your hosting, but please find something like hosting or hosting dashboard to access to your hosting panel. In this case, I will hit on hosting dashboard to access to the cpanel of my hosting.  . I will click on file manager to access to the file manager. Please wait a little bit, it’s slow over here…  . When you’re on the file manager window, just look for public html folder. It’s the folder where you host the website files and as you can see here, these are all my WordPress files so actually you can download all of these files, but it’s all not necessary and what you need wp content because I will rebuild all wordpress system, and then move the wp content to the new wordpress system.


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