How To Set Up VPS Package On VPS?

Vps Package

You can add a package, delete a package, or edit a package, so let’s go ahead and add a package. A package is what limits you set for disk quota, FTP accounts, email accounts, databases. This is putting restrictions on things but it can add to their cPanel account. So just go ahead and call this one also UV Design. Alright, disk quota, that just means how much disk space they’re going to use total, which they’re allowed to use. I really wouldn’t be too worried about it unless you just have lots and lots of clients and they have really big websites. Photographers, architectures, people using a lot of high-res photos or just a lot of photos in general. You know maybe you want to limit them, how much they can store. Let’s not really put that, I don’t really care about the restriction. Let’s just do it, who cares, right? No one’s actually going to use this package. 1000, monthly bandwidth, how much bandwidth their site’s going to pull out from the server.

Most of those companies are going to give you almost unlimited bandwidth so that’s really not a concern. Max FTP accounts, let’s just put two. Max email accounts, they’re only allowed to have four. Email lists, we’re going to go zero, that’s like a distribution list. They really shouldn’t be using the hosting server as a distribution list. They should use something like Mail Chimp, ton of other ones out there, just Google that. Add-on domains, again on other tutorials I’ve stated that you shouldn’t be using add-on domains. An add-on domain is when you have your primary domain as let’s say, they want to add a secondary domain with a secondary website that has no integration with the primary one, so it’s its own separate website, the add-on domain button will do that. If you’re running a VPS server, just have them have their own individual cPanel accounts but you can change that here. Max databases, let’s just go ahead and put two. Sub domains, they’re allowed let’s say five.

Parked domains, zero. Max add-on remains zero, maximum hourly email by domain relayed just say unlimited, unlimited. Options, we’re just going to enable CGI access, CPanel theme, paper lantern. Again, there’s other things you can download and install on the server, I’m not worried about it. Keep it that, I like paper lantern. Feature list, so this is what we just created, so you can tell what package, what feature list you want to pull from, right? And so every time I assign a cPanel account with this package, they’re going to get whatever feature list we add. Again, you can always change this. So hey, we created one called UV Design, let’s go ahead and give that in English, so we’ll go ahead and click add. Success and then you can go back to your packages, you can, like I said, you can go back to edit a package so you can click on what you’re going to, click edit, go back and change your settings and it happens in real time, you can delete a package and stuff. So let’s say kind of like, well let’s just show you. Last week we showed you how to create a new account. We’re not going to go through all these steps but here go, it says choose a package. Now we have the UV Design package right underneath there so we can sign on


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